What’s on your List?

I have finally finished my list of crazy things for me to do in the month of October.

Check them out here.


  1. Nudie swim
  2. Swim in public pool with clothes on
  3. Park run in funny costume
  4. Yoga in undies
  5. No speaking for 24 hours
  6. No driving cars for 24 hours
  7. Scream at the top of my lungs
  8. No screen time for 24 hours
  9. Bet $500.00 on roulette
  10. Street performance
  11. Visit a fortune teller
  12. Stay awake for 48 hours
  13. Eat a large onion
  14. Eat a large lemon
  15. Drive the bobcat to Coles
  16. Go for a 5km run at Midnight
  17. Get in the newspaper
  18. Eat McDonalds all day
  19. Paint toe nails and not wear shoes for a day
  20. Ride 100km in one go
  21. Run 20km in one go
  22. Swim 1500m in one go
  23. Read out the weather on the radio
  24. 3 minute cold shower
  25. Give someone a 30 minute massage
  26. Work 16 hours in one day
  27. Spend an hour with my goats
  28. Hold a plank for 10 minutes
  29. Volunteer
  30. Eat 30 weet-bix in one go
  31. 500 push ups in a day
  32. Go to Coles wearing pyjamas
  33. Go on the footy trip
  34. Shoot 50 free throws
  35. Get on a podcast
  36. Write another LIST

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