About me SKIP CHILD 36

My name is Jade Child, I am 29 from launceston Tasmania
I am in business and I supply and install artificial turf to clients all over Tasmania
I play a lot of sport which include football, cricket, mountain bike riding and running


My nickname is Skip which a good mate of mine Jay Forsyth gave to me in about grade 6 at Bridport Primary School. I used to imitate Skippy the Bush kangaroo off the show Full Frontal.

My number 36. I was given for my first TSL game at North Launceston and to be honest I could of changed it several times since but have decided to keep it for the past 5 seasons as I am proud of what I have achieved in it. Before 36 I often wore number 2 or 20 in my previous clubs at Scottsdale and Bridport.

I have held a Guinness World record for the longest net session back in 2012. I held it for a few months before an English lad took the record off me.

I have raised money and awareness for a few charities over the past few years and will continue with that in time to come.



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